Mergers, acquisitions, growth and strategic reorganizations are usually associated with personal and organisational changes. Resources, which are needed for planning and implementing these change processes, are generally available within the organization. Often, however, they fail to leverage them effectively. Expertise and experience as well as personal preferences have a major effect on how change is implemented and help to ensure that it is not merely accepted, but actively promoted by all. We guide strategy development measures and coach the implementation of change processes in your enterprise.


The personal comfort zone, unverified assumptions, major deviations between external and self-perception as well as individual habits often make further personal development difficult. As is the case with organisational change processes, the resources required to overcome these obstacles lie with the individual. We help you to unleash these resources, initiate personal change processes and successfully implement them. We have long-standing experience in the field of business coaching for the management and executives.

Team development

Factors such as the generation change and the increasing internationalisation of work areas are causing the communication structure to change, resulting in significant impact on the collaboration in and between teams. A high level of diversity is welcome in order to boost the effectiveness of the teams, but also leads to new challenges that a team needs to overcome. We support you and your executives in the establishment of new teams and in the conflict management in existing teams.


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